SLBS Design Technology Materials Pack, A level


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The pack comprises of materials that you will need for your A-Level course, as agreed with your Head of Department.

5 Letraset Pro Markers (Ice Grey 1, Ice Grey 3, Ice Grey 4, Sky Blue, Arctic Blue) 
Technical Pencils ( Mechanical pencil, with extra 0.5mm HB, leads)
1 Pencil (White)   
1 Set of French Curves
1 Eraser for graphite
2 Fine liner Pens (Black 0.3, 0.5)
2 Sharpie Pens
1 A3 Sketch Pad
1 A3 Project File

A3 Project Bag

    Purchase of this pack is not obligatory.

    Please enter the delivery address as the same as the one the payment card is registered to, however, Your pack will be delivered to the school at the beginning of term 1, NOT your home address. 


    This is a special order item. We do not refund or accept unwanted returns for any of the school materials packs once payment has been taken. 

    Special order items are charged 24hrs after the time the order is placed.