Pro Arte Series 2A Designers' Sable Brush Gift Set

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Our new brush gift sets are specially selected by Just the Brush and created to provide a comprehensive range of brushes that both novice or experienced painter would appreciate. 
Each set comes in high quality, padded black nylon, Pro Arte zip-up brush case. The full-length zipper allows the case, to open fully and lay flat for easy access. The case provides space for a total of 18 brushes, so plenty of room to add to the collection.
The Series 2A Designers’ brush, is made with an extra ‘steeple shaped’ length of the finest selected Kolinsky sable and provides you with excellent pointing capability. It has a ferrule formed from cupro-nickel to resist hard knocks and balanced with a 7in beech handle finished to a beautiful black.

This set comprises of 6 brushes:

  • Series 2A Designer - sizes 8, 5, 2, 1, 0, 2/0 
  • Brush Case: Space for 18 brushes, closed size 29x16cm (11.5x6in). Maximum brush length 28cm (11in).