Spatial & Interior Design Materials Pack


This pack comprises equipment that you will need for the University of Kent Spatial & Interior Design course.

This pack is only available to order until the 19th September 2021

* Drop 1
Scalpel handle #3, Pack of 5 10A blades, 300mm/12" Steel ruler, A2 cutting mat, 500ml PVA Glue, Superglue, 30cm/12" adjustable set square, Roll of C300 53gsm detail paper 297mm x 25mm, A2 tracing paper pad, A2 layout pad, Architect’s scale rule, Propelling pencils: 0.3/0.5/0.7/0.9, Circle template, 5m metal tape measure, Masking tape, Razor blades (masked off safety edge), A5 plain sketchbook, A4 plain sketchbook, Fineliner drawing pen set of 5, Two-hole metal pencil sharpener, Eraser, 2mm clutch pencil, Pack of 2mm leads grade 2B, Clutch pencil sharpener, Charcoal (medium sticks), Tin of 12 coloured pencils, Fixative, Spray mount, A2 project bag, A3 project bag, A1 expandable zoom tube

* Drop 2
A2 Drafting table parallel motion / Drawing board, Quick release giant bow compass with lengthening bar, Technical pen set 0.18, 0.25, 0.35 + black ink.

    Purchase of this pack is not obligatory but by buying as a pack you save at least 25% OFF normal retail prices.

    The bulk of the pack will be delivered at the start of the term. There may be a second delivery of the drawing board, technical pens and compass a few weeks later at a  date agreed with by the department. There is, approximately,  2 - 3 weeks between your order being placed and delivery.

    Your pack will be delivered to the Design Department NOT your home/accommodation address. 

    This is a special order item. We do not accept unwanted returns for any of the school materials packs. Special order items are charged at the time the order is placed.