Winsor & Newton Monarch - Round

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The Winsor and Newton Monarch Round brush is a popular choice for artists who need to create fine details, lines and glazes in their work. Made from synthetic hair, this professional-grade brush has been designed to replicate the texture and appearance of natural Mongoose hair, which is now an endangered species.

Unlike sable hair, Monarch's polyester filaments offer a stiffer option that is still softer than hog bristle. It's an excellent brush for blending, glazing, and intricate detail work. Additionally, being synthetic makes it more durable than natural hair, and it has more spring, making it easier to use with heavy-bodied oil colours. It's also less susceptible to damage from solvents or paint.

The Monarch is suitable for use with oil colour, water-mixable oil colour, or acrylic colour painting. The brush has a distinct appearance with variegated hair shades of ivory, gold, and brown, and each one features a gold ferrule attached to a long, dark brown lacquered handle.