Winsor & Newton Artists' Professional Watercolour Sable - Round

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Winsor & Newtons 'Professional Watercolour Sable' brush range is hand-made with high-quality Kolinsky sable hair. 

The brushes have been designed with a sculpted ergonomic handle and a matt finish for added comfort. Sable is the very best type of brush for Watercolour due to its capacity to hold and carry water. These round sable brushes also have an extra-fine tapered point which aids accuracy and fine detail work. 

The approximate full brush length is 21cm. The sizes given below refer to the length and approximate diameter of the brush head at the widest point.

Size      Diameter

00         1mm

0           1.5mm

1           1.75mm

2           2mm

3           2.5mm

4           3mm

5           3.5mm

6           4mm

7           5mm

8           5.5mm

10         7mm

12         9mm