Winsor & Newton Series 606 Sceptre Gold II – One Stroke

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The Winsor & Newton Series 101 Sceptre Gold II is a blend of sable and synthetic fibers, making it a versatile brush for various painting techniques such as watercolour, fluid oil colour, acrylic, water mixable oil, and alkyd fast drying oil.

The combination of Sable hair and synthetic filaments in the Winsor & Newton Series 101 Sceptre Gold II brushes offers excellent spring and softness for working with colour, while maintaining a durable shape. With a higher percentage of Sable hair, these brushes are capable of creating larger washes in a single stroke compared to traditional synthetic brushes. The tapered hairs also allow for precise control in detailed work.

The Sceptre Gold II brushes offer a comparable performance to sable brushes, with the added benefit of being more budget-friendly.